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Curious Tavern
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Fluent In Get Mouthy

Curious Tavern

2A George St, Nottingham NG1 3BE

Venue Hours:

14:00 - 01:00

Age Restriction:

18+ from 7pm

Wheelchair Access:


Food service:



21:00 End
20:40 Zera
20:20 Open Mic
19:55 Asim The Poet
19:40 Open Mic
19:10 Sara Louise
18:50 Open Mic
18:40 Break
18:25 Atilla
18:05 Fluent In Both Intro
18:00 Break
17:35 Cathi Rae
17:15 Break
17:00 Ellie Spirrrett
16:45 Open Mic
16:35 Break
16:15 Na-Keisha Peabody
15:55 Open Mic
15:45 Break
15:30 Carolina
15:10 Open Mic
15:00 Get Mouthy Intro

About the venue:

Situated in the oldest Hotel in Nottingham, The Curious Tavern takes you back to a simpler time. The antique decor holds on to the history of the building whilst also being met by a splash of the modern. A great place to enjoy a some of the most unique and interesting crafts around you'll always find a new reason to enjoy The Curious Tavern. If you're curious you can venture deeper to discover our sister bars. Lost Property, The Lost Caves and Drum & Basement!

Curious Tavern



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